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AL CHAUNCY was Born and Raised in Raleigh, NC  whereThe Son of Soul started his music career. Being the son of Jazz/R&B/Gospel pianist Gerald "Jerry" Williams, Al Chauncy got a taste of the music business while traveling with his father. Being around Gospel music and hip hop is what morph this dynamic Soul singer today. As a kid Al Chauncy sung in the The Gospel Music Workshop of America and also joined super Rap group Bloodline in his teenage years. He moved to Atlanta in 2009 in search of making it big in the mecca of hip hop, but fate and destiny led him to his mentor Chris "Traxx" Rogers. Under Rogers tutelage and artist development; Al Chauncy converted from hip hop to an R&B/Soul singer. Al Chauncy is a trained theatre actor, comedian, and the band leader of  the soul band "The Al Chauncy Show". His music style is a mixture of James Brown, Ray Charles, The Isley Brothers, and Al Green in today's modern music. 

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